Circle of Care
Caregiver Services, Inc.


We Are Here For You And Your Clients

Dear Case Manager, 

We would like to help you help your client find the best possible care, be it with us or someone else. 

If you’re not familiar with the registry model, here is the basic idea: 

  • We refer caregivers to clients, who hire them directly. 
  • Once clients have hired one or more caregivers that they are happy with, we bill them an ongoing referral fee based on how many hours the caregiver works. 
  • As the employer of the caregiver, the client controls the caregiver's scheduling and duties directly. 

the circle of care advantage: 

  • Our caregivers are extensively experienced and are referred according to their suitability for each job. 
  • We have caregivers on our registry with experience in challenging situations, such as resistance to initial care. 
  • Clients or their families can directly contact, supervise, and direct caregivers. 
  • Our caregivers have more flexibility than agency caregivers in the tasks that they are allowed to perform. 
  • Employed caregivers making a living wage tend to stick around and form lasting relationships, helping clients and their families feel safer and better served. 
  • A caregiving-specialized payroll company such as LTC Payroll can simplify the employment process. 
  • For an hourly cost comparable to an agency, the caregiver receives more of the money, and turnover is greatly reduced. 
  • In some cases, long-term disability insurance will pay for directly employed caregivers. 

Agency advantages: 

  • The agency performs all scheduling (although the client does not control who they send.)
  • What we have seen is that a client looking for basic care for themselves, who is not capable of hiring decisions, may be better off with an agency. 

a client may be more suited to a circle of care caregiver if they: 

  • have a family member or care manager who helps manage their affairs
  • desire an experienced, technically proficient caregiver
  • have not had in-home care before and need help with the initial transition
  • are feeling disoriented or isolated and need a stable care team with whom to bond.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your client’s needs. We can be reached through our Contact page here or at 503-236-7886.