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Is Caregiving Your Calling?

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We at Circle of Care are looking for premium caregivers and CNAs who are experienced, skilled and respected in the care community.

We respect and value the skills and qualities it takes to be a professional and heart-centered care provider. We work together with you so that you can work independently, either just with us or with other agencies or registries. We want to do everything we can to allow caregivers to thrive and prosper. 

advantages to working with Circle of Care: 

  • You negotiate your own salary with clients - typically much higher than what you get at an agency or a facility. 
  • We take a detailed inventory of your skills and preferences, and specifically refer you the best jobs for you. 
  • We provide independent contractor bonding and liability insurance for jobs we refer, at no cost to you. 

Is caregiving your calling? If you are a compassionate and experienced caregiver who understands the profound nature of this work, and want to help individuals and their families meet the challenges of aging, then we want to hear from you! 

What does it take to be a caregiver? Contact us for a copy of the Caregiver Information Guide to help you decide if this fulfilling field is your calling.

If you are interested in joining the Circle of Care team, contact us for our application packet. 

 If you have any questions, please call us at 503-236-7886.

You can also email any questions to

We look forward to hearing from you soon.