Circle of Care
Caregiver Services, Inc.


Competitive Rates, High Standards

You'll find Circle of Care's registry fees to be among the area's most competitive, and we believe that, combined with our high standards for caregivers on our registry, we provide the best value in the Portland Metro area. We offer the convenience of a registry of quality, independent caregivers, whom we have screened and selected via our thorough, five-step process.

If you are unsure as to what services or level of care your loved one needs, or if you simply wish to compare our offerings to others under consideration, please call us for a FREE discussion and assessment of your care needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

how a registry works

The way our registry works is: When you inform us of your specific needs, we help you select a pre-screened caregiver or team of caregivers to best fit your situation. You hire the caregiver(s) directly, and we bill you for an affordable referral fee.

Typical Caregiver Salaries

You negotiate pay rates with your caregiver and hire and pay them directly. Current rates generally run $18-$25 per hour or $375-$450 for 24-hour shifts, depending on the caregiver and your needs. 

Circle of Care Referral Fees

Referral fees are based on an hourly commission. We charge $4.00 for every hour that caregivers work, or a flat fee for 12-hour and 24-hour shifts. Fees are billed monthly.

Referral fees are as follows:
• $4.00 per hour, if less than 10 hours
• $40.00 maximum per 24-hour period